Donor Conceived – Resources for Recipient Parents


  1. Inheritance, by Dani Shapiro (book). This memoir is written by Dani Shapiro and covers her journey once she discovered her father is not her biological father. Described as “a good exploration of the ethics of sperm donation when all concerned imagined that this beginning could remain a secret”. Available here.
  2. Scattered Seeds, by Jacqueline Mroz (book). As typical as donor-conceived children have become, with at least a million such children in the US alone, their experiences are still unusual in many ways. In Scattered Seeds, journalist and writer Jacqueline Mroz looks at the growth of sperm donation and assisted reproduction and how it affects the children who are born, the women who buy and use the sperm to have kids, and the sperm donors who donate their genetic material to help others procreate. Available here.
  3. Experiences of Donor Conception: Parents, Offspring, and Donors Through the Years, by Caroline Lorbach (book). Drawing on the experiences of parents, offspring and donors and including her own and her family’s story, this thought-provoking and informative book explores the process of donor conception. She provides practical suggestions as well as in-depth consideration of the emotional and ethical issues involved. Available here.

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