Gay Dads- Resources for Adults

Being a non-traditional family can be tough. Our list of resources offer useful information, advice, and guidelines for creating a family as 2 gay men, to parenting as gay dads. Learn from the people who have been on this journey about the different options available. We also suggest some resources which are purely for entertainment, as well as other screen media which are ideal for introducing the world of gay parenting.


  1. Gay Dads: A Celebration of Parenting, by David Strah (book). Thousands of children have found loving homes with gay fathers. This book is a celebration of all these remarkable new families. GAY DADS features twenty-four personal accounts from men describing their unique journeys to fatherhood via adoption foster care surrogacy and even co-parenting; each portraying the struggles and successes they have experienced raising their children. For most of the men featured in this book parenthood did not come easily but the rewards – as you will learn from them – are immeasurable. Available here.
  2. Gay Parenting: Complete Guide for Same-Sex Families, by Shana Priwer (book). This insightful, thoroughly-researched guide offers advice for same-sex families in every stage, from making the decision to have children to dealing with embarrassed teenagers. Explore the options for bringing children into your lives, including adoption, fostering, surrogacy, and donor insemination. Top LGBT parenting expert. Bestselling author Eric Rosswood covers every aspect of fatherhood for gay men in this essential guide to growing your family in the post-DOMA era. He is a major influencer on social media with over 100,000 followers on Twitter alone, as well as thousands on other platforms. Available here.
  3. The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads, by Eric Rosswood (book). If You are Thinking of Becoming a Gay Dad, or if You are Already a Gay Dad ─ This Book is for You! Available here.

Films and Documentaries

  1. Daddy and Papa (documentary). Daddy & Papa explores the growing phenomenon of gay fatherhood and its impact on American culture. Through the stories of four different families, Daddy & Papa delves into some of the particular challenges facing gay men who decide to become dads, covering a range of topics from surrogacy and interracial adoption, to the complexities of gay divorce, to the battle for full legal status as parents.
  2. Two Men and a Baby (film). Ray and Tyrone are raising Ray’s nephew Eric, whose mother died of AIDS-related illness. When Eric contracts pneumonia, they discover that he is HIV positive. A poignant story of living with AIDS and family love.
  3. The right to love: An American Family (documentary). This documentary chronicles one story of courage of a private Californian married gay couple and their two adopted children during their fight back against discrimination, ignorance and hate through home videos posted on their You Tube channel called “Gay Family Values”.
  4. We Are Dad (documentary). A thought-provoking documentary essaying the struggles of two gay men who’ve been a couple for more than 18 years, to maintain their family of five foster children, who have been labeled “undesirable” by the State of Florida’s Department of Children and Families. Their patchwork family runs the gamut of age and race, with five children who have all tested HIV-positive. When the oldest child undergoes an HIV seroconversion from positive to negative, the state relabels him “desirable,” and thus “adoptable,” and the family risks losing him forever.
  5. Fatherhood Dreams (documentary). This documentary gives the viewer full access to three families headed by gay fathers. Randy and Drew, a Canadian married couple, learn the ropes as they adopt a baby boy; Steve co-parents his daughters with two lesbian mothers; while Scott, on his own, becomes a surrogate father to twins.
  6. 10 Kids 2 Dads (documentary). This documentary follows two gay men as they grow their family through adoption. 10 Kids 2 Dads explores the life and times of this amazing family as they navigate the joys and challenges of parenting, deal with issues unique to adoptive families, and confront prejudice and misunderstandings in the world around them.
  7. Two: The Story of Roman and Nyro (documentary). This documentary shows the 12-year journey of legendary songwriter Desmond Child and his lifelong partner as they connect with the woman who would carry their twin sons, Roman and Nyro, into the world. From preconception through the boys’ first 10 years, TWO is the personal and powerful story of these unique individuals whose lives become inextricably woven together in magical and unexpected ways. TWO is testament to the universal power and ultimate triumph of love – that it is love that makes a family.

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