Lesbian Moms – Resources for Children

It is important for children to have fictional characters they can relate to. For children with two moms, this often isn’t the case. We have compiled a list of amazing children’s books which make an ideal addition to the bookshelf in any lesbian mums household.


  1. A Tale of Two Mommies, by Vanita Oelschlager (book) This illustrated picture book intended for 4-8 year olds. This book lets us look inside one non-traditional family, a same-sex couple and their son. As the children talk, it’s clear this boy lives in a nurturing environment where the biggest issues are the everyday challenges of growing up. Available here.
  2. Zak’s Safari: A Story about Donor Conceived Kids of Two-Mom Families, by Christy Tyner (book). Aimed at children age 4-8, this book sees Zak invite the reader on a tour of his family- his two mom family. The basic language used makes the book a great introduction to sperm and egg cells, known-donors, donors from sperm banks, and genes. Available here.
  3. Enid and Her Two Mums, by Jessica Skogstad. This heartwarming story highlights the diversity of families, and also the wonderful similarities and unconditional love that families contain. Available here.
  4. Felicia’s Favorite Story, by Lesléa Newman (book). In this book, it’s bedtime but before she can sleep, Felicia wants to hear her favourite story, how she was adopted by her Mama Nessa and Mama Linda. Available here.
  5. Heather Has Two Mummies, by Lesléa Newman. This beautifully illustrated book shows that is doesn’t matter who makes up a family, but that the most important thing is that the people in it love each other. Available here.
  6. How Mummy and Mama Made You: Conceived at Home, by Emma Wallis. Aimed at lower primary school aged children, this book introduces the idea of how two women might have a baby together. Available here
  7. Hugs of Three: My Mommies and Me, by Dr. Stacey Bromberg And Dr. Joe Taravella (book). This board book was written by 2 experienced psychologists to help, in a simple way, to acknowledge the importance of a loving connection between a child and their parents, with an emphasis on infant and toddler development. Available here.
  8. Keesha & Her Two Moms Go Swimming, by Monica Bey-Clarke (book) The story begins with Keesha introducing her moms and then they took her to the pool. At the pool was her friend and his dads and they soon met a new friend who they shared with. There was a problem and Keesha stepped in to help. Age 4-8 years. Available here.
  9. Loved by Two, by Michelle Forte (book). This is the first in the “Your Family” series created by Michelle Forte to show their son that he is loved and that his family with two mums is just like other families. Available here.
  10. Me, Mummy & Mum, by Gemma Denham. A delightful book about a boy and his two mums. This book is a great introduction to LGBT families that can be enjoyed by all, and used to help introduce the notion of same-sex parents to children. Available here.
  11. Mom and Mommy Love Every Part of Me!: A book about learning the names of body parts, by Michael Dawson (book). LGBT parents (both female) teach their child the names of body parts. Focus is on teaching the child the names of body parts. Focus is not on the parents being LGBT, but on the child… whose parents happen to be same-sex. Age 0-6 years. Available here.
  12. Mom and Mommy Tuck Me In!: A book for bedtime, by Michael Dawson (book) A fun bedtime story intended to send a child off to sleep thinking happy & silly thoughts, and reminded that Mom and Mommy love them very much. Focus is not on being LGBT, but rather two loving parents who just happen to be two women. Age 0-7 years. Available here.
  13. Mom and Mum are Getting Married, by Ken Setterington (book) When Rosie comes home to find her mom dancing alone in the living room—on a school day—she knows something wonderful is about to happen. So when one of her two mothers announces, “Your Mum and I are getting married!” they can’t wait to start planning the big day. At this party, family, friends and fun come together for a joyous celebration of love in a changing world. Age 4-8 years. Available here.
  14. Mommy, Mama, and Me, by Leslea Newman. This heart-warming boardbook, with rhythmic text and illustrations is the perfect gift to show your love for mommy, mama, and more. Available here
  15. Mommy and Mama Albatross, by Jenny Worthington (book) Inspired by true events in the wild. This warm and tender story follows Mommy and Mama Albatross raising their chick. Little chick snuggles closely into his parents soft feathers and hopes to stay just one more night before its time to fly. Age 0-5. Available here.
  16. Loved By Two: Being Loved by People of the Same Sex, by Tanesha Hopson. This book is about a girl who is loved by two same sex parents, which presents challenges for her both at school and in her mind. Available here.
  17. Mummy and Mumma Get Married, by Roz Hopkins (book). A positive and inclusive story that promotes the diversity of relationships and family, and also love and community. A great book that may prompt conversations about the social issues referenced within the story. Available here
  18. My First White Christmas With Mummy and Mama, by Eva Hernandez (book) A charming story about a little boy called Jack and his two mummies. In this story you will meet his Mummy, Mama, Grandpa, Nana and his best friends from school! A great book that shares the loving bond between same-sex parents and their children. Available here.
  19. My Footprints, by Bao Phi (book) Every child feels different in some way, but Thuy feels “double different.” She is Vietnamese American and she has two moms. Thuy walks home one winter afternoon, angry and lonely after a bully’s taunts. Mimicking the footprints of each creature in the snow during her walk back from school, she makes her way home to the arms of her moms. Together, the three of them imagine beautiful and powerful creatures who always have courage – just like Thuy. Available here.
  20. My Mommy, my Mama, my Brother, and Me, by Natalie Meisner (book). This gentle rhyming book follows two young brothers and their moms as they take a trip to the seaside. Available here.
  21. My Two Mommies, by Tierra Williams (book). This story is about a little boy who describes his day to day experiences with his two mommies. This book shares the experiences of a non-traditional family structure, which are reflective of the traditional family structure–there’s no difference!  Love is love! This book is designed to give children of same sex relationships the feeling of inclusion and validation that all children and families deserve. Age 3-7. Available here.
  22. My Two Moms and Me, by Michael Joosten (book). This board book is a celebration of families with same-sex parents, and follows busy moms and their children throughout their day, from breakfast to bedtime. Available here.
  23. Plenty of Hugs, by Fran Manushkin (book). This beautiful and cheerful book follows a family spending a sunny day with their toddler, from morning to night with a lively rhyme. Available here
  24. The New Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Mama Bear, Mommy Bear, and Baby Bear, by Beth McMurray (book). This updated version with full colour illustrations tells of Mama Bear, Mommy Bear, and Baby Bear, and their encounter with the timeless character of Goldilocks. This book helps celebrate the diversity of a loving family. Available here.
  25. Why Do I Have Two Mums? Asks Byron: All Families Are Special…, by Rachel Behn (book). This beautifully illustrated and colourful book helps explain how whatever family type you have, it is special because it belongs to you. Available here.
  26. Your Mommies Love You!: A Rhyming Picture Book for Children of Lesbian Parents, by P Pennington (book), Using simple rhymes and colourful illustrations, babies and toddlers aren’t the only ones who will enjoy this Read Together book! Age: from birth. Available here.
  27. The Different Dragon, by Jennifer Bryan (book), This bedtime story about bedtime stories shows how the wonderful curiosity and care of a little boy, with some help from one of his moms, can lead to magical and unexpected places. Join Noah and his cat, Diva, on this night time adventure and you too will leave with an unforgettable new dragon friend!  This bedtime book is a fun children’s story about acceptance and self-identity. Age 3-7.  Available here.

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