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Lesbian Moms

Donor Conceived – Resources for Recipient Parents

Books Inheritance, by Dani Shapiro (book). This memoir is written by Dani Shapiro and covers her journey once she discovered her father is not her biological father. Described as “a good exploration of the ethics of sperm donation when all concerned imagined that this beginning…

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Donor Conceived- Resources for Children

Teach your child about their conception story using our list of useful resources- specifically selected for donor conceived children. If you feel unsure about how to introduce the topic to your child, there are numerous picture books you can read to your child. Books The…

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Lesbian Moms- Resources for Adults

Being a non-traditional family can be tough. Our list of resources offer useful information, advice, and guidelines for creating a family as 2 lesbian women, to parenting as lesbian moms. Learn from the people who have been on this journey about the different options available….

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Lesbian Moms – Resources for Children

It is important for children to have fictional characters they can relate to. For children with two moms, this often isn’t the case. We have compiled a list of amazing children’s books which make an ideal addition to the bookshelf in any lesbian mums household….

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